Letter From Pastor Lance

Dear Friend,

I’m sure you’ve heard by now that the Lord has presented us with a wonderful opportunity to purchase the SureWest campus on the corner of Industrial and Washington Blvd. The campus, built in 1997-98, was built for $37 million dollars to be a top-notch facility (it would be much more now to build it from the ground up). Due to their move, our relationship with them, and their desire to off-load the facility, they have given us the option of purchasing the campus, as well as the 22.5 acres of adjacent land, for $14 million dollars!

To be honest, it’s a stunning offer and we feel so blessed to even have the discussion. This provides better stewardship through an instant equity scenario, significantly lower monthly costs than our current facility, quality construction, more space and parking, etc.

The challenge is we have a very short amount of time to raise the down payment and necessary funds to enter into the contract with confidence.

Our targeted campaign goal is $8 million. This amount would allow us to put a down payment on the property, pursue the building of a permanent worship facility, and provide design and construction to create customized ministry environments. The minimum we need to move forward to get us onto the property is $4 million ($3 million as a down payment, plus $1 million in immediate, basic, necessary tenant improvements/renovations).

To me, this is a dream for us to own our first home as the Bridgeway family. To date, we have always leased, while that is a blessing for flexibility, it’s time to invest in something that’s ours.  What it would provide us is amazing!

We would finally have room to expand, and be able to reach out to our neighbors and friends since we’d have space to invite (and park!).

It means that as we grow, we are able to build a campus on land that represents our identity (places to gather, beautiful surroundings, welcoming campus) as well as serve our needs as a church (appropriate sized sanctuary, additional space for children’s ministry, easier to navigate campus, etc.).

I know that all the information is a bit much and the numbers loom large to some of us; therefore, we have designed three key dates for you to engage into a deeper understanding of the details. Please mark these down in your calendar, I wouldn’t want you to miss any of it:

My goal through this process is for all of us to be excited and joy-filled every step of the way.

This is something to celebrate whether the Lord allows us to take advantage of the opportunity or not. God has shown His hand of blessing on us and we need to give Him glory no matter the result.

I would ask that you begin now to pray through what you believe God is laying on your heart to contribute to this project (above and beyond your normal giving). I only want you to give what God says to give; therefore, discerning His voice and will is of utmost importance. And please, as you pray, lift up this entire process and ask our Heavenly Father to bestow wisdom upon our leadership as we make the tough decisions and navigate this for our family.

I love you and feel so grateful to be on this journey with you.

Pastor Lance C. Hahn

Senior Pastor