Learn About Bridgeway

Bridgeway Christian Church was founded in 1996 when three churches in the Sacramento region realized that they were all drawing people from the Roseville area.  Twenty some families from Arcade Church in Sacramento, Lakeside Church in Folsom, and Sun River Church in Rancho Cordova served as the core group called to be the church planters of Bridgeway.

These families spent some time together dreaming of what Bridgeway could become as they met in homes, halls, restaurants, and other church buildings. These were very foundational days and significant planning and dreaming occurred.

In 1997, the pastor Arcade Church sent to provide the initial leadership returned to Arcade and we were off on our own.  In 1998, Lance Hahn received the call of the Lord to become the Senior Pastor and immediately, Bridgeway began to grow.

We moved into our first building; a 35 year old warehouse near the corner of Cirby and Riverside on Kenroy Lane; a dead end street in Roseville.  The building was 5500 square feet, old, cold in the winter, hot in the summer, the roof leaked, and had no visibility to the community.  But God continued to grow His church on Kenroy until Bridgeway reached about 400 regular attendees.

On Easter Sunday 2005, Bridgeway Christian Church relocated to a 15,000 square foot location on Placer Corporate Drive.  Over a 5-year period, Bridgeway experienced its greatest period of growth as weekend attendance more than tripled, bringing the average weekend attendance to near 1500 attendees.

In February of 2009 we moved into our current location- right across the parking lot from the old building on Placer Corporate Drive. Our growth has continued as lives have been transformed. Currently we have almost 5000 regular attenders, creating a need for more space.

Not only has Bridgeway experienced a very real growth in numbers, but it has also grown into a wonderful place of spiritual depth in Christ; a place where people begin to look and act more like Jesus.  By design, Bridgeway Christian Church exists to build believers; to Move You Closer to Christ.


Who Are We?

Every group of people that comes together has it’s own culture- a mix of people and experiences and personalities that seem to take on a life of their own.

We believe in complete authenticity at Bridgeway. When we ask you how you are, we want an honest answer. Every month we share both video and live testimonies from people in our family- people just like you. Everyone has baggage, everyone has a past and pain and good times and bad times. At Bridgeway, there’s no need to gloss over or hide who you are or where you came from. In fact, we won’t stand for that. We all need to be open and honest if we want to experience community the way God intended it to be.

The leadership at Bridgeway is composed of staff, elders, and a Ministry Team (MT) of Leaders. Staff meets weekly, and elders and the MT Leaders meet monthly to touch base, grow and learn, pray for each other, and share what is happening in their ministries. Additionally, each MT Leader meets with one of the Pastors monthly for accountability and encouragement.

You are encouraged to come to Bridgeway just as you are. Our congregation is made up of people from vastly different backgrounds. We all bring our different styles or worship together each week to explore God’s word, grow with each other and with God, and learn how take this journey together.


How We Do This

We are asking for your partnership in praying about how God would have you take part in this necessary venture. We are asking you to join us in providing for the future of the ministry at Bridgeway and to the community around us. This is an opportunity to do something that is incredibly significant and to invest in God’s eternal plans. With each move we have made in the past, it overshadowed the one before. Each time we took a leap of faith in growth, we walked in with trepidation. God met us there immediately with an overwhelming sense of peace. If our next journey is as big as we think God’s planning, it’s going to take some time, so we are already against the clock.

We’ve never done a Bridgeway campaign ‘by the book’. Some of you will remember our first campaign. We orchestrated it to pay you back your investment in 3 years time. We did that early and with honor. One of our last campaigns was to get into our current building. We set out the vision and began the process. Early on we realized that the funds were not coming in and discerned that God was telling us to pull the plug. We paid back every dime to everyone who gave toward that specific call. We have always been honest with you and above-board financially. We promise you this will not change.

We have and always will operate our campaigns with transparency, integrity, and frequent communication; all of this encased around the vision that Jesus Christ has given us. In the past we have rejected the notion of hiring a consulting firm to come in and organize fundraising. We choose to do this as a family. We have never been about your money, we’ve always been about you.

We must do this as a family. We cannot and will not do it without you. Individually we may not have the funds for something on this scale, but collectively, with the blessing of the hand of God, we might. We don’t want anyone frustrated or feeling manipulated or harboring guilt over giving. We want everyone joyful and excited to be part of something greater than ourselves, something that may well outlive us and provide for our children’s children.