Foundations is our ongoing campaign to raise funds in preparation for our upcoming move to our new a campus and building a church facility that will meet the needs of our church family, and allow us to serve others. We are working together as a family to be good stewards and prepare for the future God is preparing for Bridgeway.onsite

Phase 1 of Bridgeway Foundations was completed in the fall of 2013. Titled “1000 Seats,” the first phase raised the funds necessary to expand our current campus by 1000 seats with the addition of a video venue, On-Site Rocklin, and expansions in our high school, middle school, and Kidsway programs.

Phase 2 is titled “Invest” and is currently raising funds to finalize the costs of moving to the new campus as well as complete the downpayment pledges on the property made available to us at Junction Crossing in Roseville.